Tutti Gourmet

Tutti Gourmet – Gluten Free Italian Biscotti

Tutti Gourmet Italian biscotti cookies are naturally gluten free foods. 

They are made with naturally gluten free brown rice and organic coconut flour, tapioca starch, arrowroot powder, and baking powder with no aluminium or cornstarch. Other common ingredients across the four flavours are organic cane sugar, whole liquid eggs, non-GMO certified expeller-pressed canola oil, natural vanilla flavour, water, and xanthan gum. 

Allergen alert:  Depending on the variant, Tutti Gourmet Italian biscotti may contain tree nuts (almonds, pistachio), sesame seeds, and coconut.

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“Tutti, the Italian word for Everyone”

Tutti Gourmet combines small business values with a desire to bring fine natural foods to the world. It is a family business run out of picturesque Hudson, a suburb of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. They use outside-of-the-box thinking to bring customers far and wide into their inner circle to discover all the good things that gluten free natural foods have to offer. The Tutti Gourmet family is led by Michael Kachani, who previously worked as a pastry chef in Germany making traditional European style biscotti. He moved to Canada in 1990 and set up a bakery there. In 1999, when one of his sons went on a gluten free diet, he decided to formulate Italian biscotti varieties made with naturally gluten free foods. He also saw a great opportunity in the gluten free diet trend to take his business in a new direction. Since they began offering their natural foods Italian biscotti cookies in 1999, Tutti Gourmet has gained a substantial following throughout the continent and beyond. They take pains to skillfully produce high quality, specialty foods that are healthier than the average snack. And the amazing flavours of their gluten free snacks for every age group don’t leave the taste buds wanting. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Tutti Gourmet also strives to support their local economy by fostering a great work environment.